Client Requirements

Client Requirements

What to bring:

Bring a lunch & drinks – normally food is not provided, other than Water and snacks. If you wish to cook on the boat or have a shore lunch it can be arranged. BBQ is available on the boat if you want to cook your lunch.

There will be a big cooler with water and ice to keep your lunch in.

Appropriate clothing, Depending on temperature and forecast, but always bring an outer layer / wind breaker / wet weather gear. Even though the boat can be fully covered sudden rain showers can happen and it does take time to put the roof on the back. The trip will be cancelled for very high winds (or tornado) but the wind can still make it uncomfortable if it is a cool day.

Fishing license valid in Manitoba, obtained electronically starting in 2020, so get it before you get to the dock.

Sunscreen and hat, the sun can be very strong when around water and we do not want you to get sunburn.

Sunglasses, while part of the boat has a permanent cover, good quality polarized sunglasses will stop the UV and stop a lot of reflection, which will allow you to see the fish before it breaks the surface. Have a sunglass keeper so they do not fall off into the water.

Footwear, no going barefoot on the boat or if we step ashore. Others may allow you to go barefoot in a boat, I do not. The floor is aluminum and can get very hot in the sun, not to mention people can drop sharp things. Flip-flops will work as long as they stay on.

Sense of humour!! Everyone must laugh at some point in the day or suffer the consequences!!!!


  • A small day pack for personal gear. The right size to hold you jacket and spare clothing, towel if you are prone to going swimming.
  • Camera, hopefully you do not drop it over the side (with your new expensive sunglasses), I have seen this a few times and have yet to see anyone fast enough to catch it. They will sink.
  • Cooler for taking fish home. I may have some small Styrofoam coolers I could sell.
  • Personal fishing gear, you may have a special rod that you prefer to use, I know I do.

Do not blame the boat owner if you drop something overboard!

A Typical Day

A Typical Day

Fishing charter – 8 hours or less


Meet at launch planned point. Hopefully on time!

Supply of life jacket / PFD to clients, check for fishing license

Boarding of the boat

Safety briefing, including location and operation of some safety equipment

Stowage of personal items as needed

Get underway – possibly trolling right from the start point, depending on where that is

Begin fishing

Catch fish – not guaranteed as the client is holding the rod!!!

Throw little ones back!!!!!!!!!!!

Lunch (as determined during reservation process)

More fishing (more throwing little ones back)

Go back to dock

Process fish as needed

Go home happy