Canadian Gun Rescue

I am a Licensed firearms Dealer located in Manitoba, I can help with HANDGUNS under the current transfer ban.Gun Safety

Many people do not know that as an Executor of an estate, you DO NOT need a firearms license to possess any class of firearm for a reasonable period of time for proper disposition of the firearms. This gives you the time to either get a license or pass them along as the will intended.

If you inheriting someone’s restricted/prohibited firearms and handguns but do not have the proper firearms license or legal ability to transfer the firearms? We are here to help. Advice is free.

We started this journey as a firearms dealer for a few reasons, firstly, we like firearms and do not want them going for destruction when there is no need of it, and partly to help those who could not inherit, purchase or sell handguns during the liberal ban on handgun transfers and their continued attack on legal firearms owners. And you do not want them going for destruction with you getting nothing in return.

We will even do consignment sales.

So it is not just about handguns, we will deal in long guns as well, and reloading equipment and supplies eventually. We will even dispose of old ammunition for you at no cost.

We have many ways to assist you with firearms, however we will use two primary methods;

1. Outright purchase from you or the estate, as a licensed firearms dealer we are authorized to transfer restricted and some prohibited firearms (handguns & others) into our possession where a private citizen is not. Or

2. Storage of firearms until you can legally possess them. There is a nominal annual fee which includes humidity-controlled storage, and if requested one annual cleaning.

Additional cleanings available.

How does this work? Call or email to make contact and discuss further.