Interested in owning a firearm in Canada?

You will need a possession and Acquisition License (PAL)

Firearm Safety

You need to take the Canadian Firearm Safety Course (CFSC) in order to apply for the Possession and Acquisition license (PAL). If you wish to acquire restricted firearms (handguns) you need to have passed the CFSC course, be over 18 and pass the Canadian Restricted Firearm Safety Course (CRFSC) then you can apply for the Restricted PAL (RPAL).

Minors (12-18) can get a minors PAL, they can do everything an adult with a PAL can EXCEPT purchase firearms.

Or you are a visitor from USA and want to bring a firearm into Canada? Taking the CFSC and getting a PAL can make the border crossing much easier.

$175/student for either course, this includes a copy of the student manual.
A discount applies for all uniformed services.
When Booking both courses (Non-Restricted & Restricted- within 7days of each other), a $50 discount is given. $300/student for both courses.

I will honour this $50.00 discount on the restricted course anytime you come back to me, if you had the CFSC with me, even if over 7 days has gone by.

Register for a course:
Simply email or text your name with a $45.00 deposit, this will hold your seat and includes the student manual in hardcopy (you need this to follow along in the course and it helps to pre-study). The remainder must be paid prior to the class starting. I require a deposit for each person and each course in order to hold seats. The deposits are applied against the cost of each course.

If you register for both courses the deposit required will be $70.00.

NOTE: if you miss the day you registered for and let me know in advance we will apply the deposit to the next course.
We try to run courses at least once per month over the weekends. We try to avoid training on long weekends.
I say we because I usually team up with another instructor and this allows us to make the practical test portion go quicker. We are limited to 12 students per instructor, if the practical test takes 20-25 minutes each you could see how late it could get, plus finishing the paperwork for each student.

Private Courses:
I/we are willing to do private / family courses, I can come to you or you come to me. Price is dependent on how many students, how far and what extra equipment I need to bring.

Special Group courses:
Are you in a club or special group and there is a number of you wanting either course? We can travel to you as well for weekday/ weekend courses. Location provided must be large enough for all attendees, table/chairs for everyone and photos/drawing of the location will be required to have the space preapproved.

Canadian Firearms Safety Course (CFSC) (PAL)

The CRFSC is required in order to acquire “restricted” firearms, these include handguns and some rifles and shotguns.
This course is available to anyone who is 18 years of age and older and has already completed the CFSC (Non-Restricted Course), you do not need the PAL but you must have passed the course. Once you have completed and passed this restricted course, you can apply for the RPAL, same form and process as the PAL but with a little more scrutiny Possession and Acquisition License application.

Topics covered in the CRFSC include:
• The Vital Four ACTS of firearm safety
• A brief history of restricted firearms and firearms in general
• Information on restricted firearms and how they work
• Information on ammunition specific to restricted firearms
• Instructions on how to pick up, check and handle restricted firearms safely
• Descriptions of how to unload, load and fire restricted firearms safely
• Descriptions of firing positions for handguns and safety aspects of the various methods to hold them
• Instructions on range safety
• Instructions on the care and cleaning of restricted firearms
• Examples of factors leading to firearm incidents and the misuse of firearms
• A summary of ethics and laws affecting firearm owners and users
• Information on how to safely and legally store, display, transport and handle restricted firearms safely


Course starts at 8:30 AM and ends around 4:00 PM
This includes breaks, instruction, and testing. If you test first you will be out sooner, if you test last you will be out later.
Tardiness will not be tolerated, if you are running a few minutes late and notify us we will wait. Otherwise, once class starts you may not be allowed to attend, and no refund offered. When the class is delayed because someone is late, that person(s) will be tested last.

There is a written and practical exam at the end of the course. 80% is a pass, the written test is all multiple choice or True/False.
The practical is a hands on test, that goes through safe handling procedures (privately, one student with each instructor).

Basic English (reading and speaking gr 7 level) is a MUST. No translators are allowed. Instruction is in English but French written tests are available with advance notice.

We strongly recommended to review the student manual if you are new to firearms, a copy is included in the full price and I will do what is reasonable to get it to you early, mail, delivery, drop off point etc.

Any version of government issued ID with a picture is acceptable (drivers license, passport, etc.)

For the restricted course you should be able to prove you passed the CFSC. We understand that sometimes things may go missing the day you need them, if you do not have your physical PAL card or proof of passing the course with you that is OK. We will take your word that you have it.
REMEMBER if you take the Restricted course without having taken and passed the Non-Restricted course, the restricted course will not be valid and you will have given up the funds paid.

We STRONGLY suggest you bring a bag lunch, eating lunch as the training progresses saves a lot of time. Someone having to run out and get a lunch just delays everyone else. Anyone delaying the class will be tested last.

Space is limited, registration is based on a first come first serve basis. Maximum student attendance depends on instructors present (1-24 participants per day), once deposit funds are received your spot is confirmed

Covid 19 protocols will be in use as required by the government. Sick students will not be allowed any admittance. Anyone not following these protocols will be asked to leave and no refund will be issued.

We enjoy a very low fail rate, we believe almost any failure is partially due to our teaching. The main reasons a fail is received are;
• Cheating, you will be removed from the class with no refund.
• Being on ones phone for the entire course,
• There is a language barrier.
IF you are unsuccessful, you have 7-days to make an appointment to retest. There is no charge for a retest. You may be offered a chance at the end of the day, depending on circumstances.

If you lose your paperwork after completing and passing the course, there is a $10 fee to pull up your file. We only keep files for 5 years.



Student manual
PS99-2-2-1-2014-eng.pdf (
Firearms Forms (PAL application)
Firearms forms
Canadian Firearms Act
Firearms Act (
Canadian Firearms Storage Laws
Storage, Display, Transportation and Handling of Firearms by Individuals

Firearms Removal

Have firearms that you no longer need and want to get rid of?
Letting your license go and you need to sell your firearms?
Does your firearm not work correctly and is a danger to anyone that fires it?
We will gladly come to you to pick up your firearms or pay for your time and shipping, to save you the hassle! If your firearm has some value, we would be willing to pay scrap value (upon assessment). If you have a firearm in good working condition and want to sell it, we can help you with that as well, we are not dealers.
If you are interested in anything of the above options regarding firearm removal please give us a call or email.