Canadian Firearm Safety Course

Firearm Safety

Interested in owning a firearm in Canada? You need to take the Canadian Firearm Safety Course (CFSC), in order to apply for your possession and Acquisition Licence (PAL) or restricted PAL (RPAL).

You must have a PAL or RPAL depending on the firearm you are hoping to purchase.

PAL course is 8 hours training, plus testing time, RPAL is an additional 4 or 6 hours (plus testing time) depending how soon you take it. Within 7 days is only 4 hours and less cost than a full 6 hour day ig more than 7 days have passed.

Training will cover laws, classification, storage, handling, transportation, display, basic use of firearms and ammunition safety.

Courses can be run on any day or consecutive evenings, whichever you prefer. Call to discuss.

Group training in public/private location (private training at your residence or mine also available).

Outside of this course I can also help with;

  • Coaching on shooting techniques
  • Firearm selection/purchase suggestions (Why do you want a firearm, what do you want to do with it?)