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New! Canadian Firearm Safety Course

Lucky Dayz Outdoors is proud to announce that we now offer the Canadian Firearm Safety Course!

If you are interested in owning a firearm in Canada, you need to take the Canadian Firearm Safety Course (CFSC). 

You must have a valid PAL/RPAL before you purchase a firearm.

Lucky Dayz Outdoors specialize in Walleye, Northern Pike, and Muskellunge fishing (Hunting). With the vast array of fish species available, many clients will catch other fish, but the plan is not to target other species.

My service consists of single day 8 hour trips (or less); I do not operate a camp or lodging. Maximum of 8 people in the boat, additional fees could apply if more than 4 adults. Again, cost will be determined by a lot of options. You can easily fish with 6 people in this boat.

We travel to different bodies of water in Manitoba. We can also go to anywhere in NW Ontario, costs will vary depending on where you wish to go and you will be responsible for your accommodations. Unless you wish to go primitive camping, then I can help.


Walleye & Pike

Winnipeg river (Musky’s and Sturgeon are known to lurk here, but we do not target Sturgeon)

  • Pointe du Bois upstream to the Ontario border (Eaglenest lake)
  • Pine falls downstream to lake Winnipeg
  • Seven sisters downstream to McArthur Falls, including lake Lac du bonnet
  • Lake Winnipeg
  • Lake Manitoba
  • Other locations are possible with enough notice.
  • I do not offer on the red river from Winnipeg downstream to Lake Winnipeg.


  • Lake of the woods – Buffalo Bay (Pike and Walleye here as well) Lake of the woods can be fished in Ontario waters as long as you have the Ontario license, we can also enter from Ontario launch points or use Angle Inlet MN (USA) but passport required.

With the variety of locations and options available, it is difficult to put costs on the website. Therefore, please contact me for pricing options.

While we are setup to meet clients at the boat launch, we can make other arrangements as needed.

If you wish to go for more than one day, we can make arrangements to fit, we even have the ability for primitive camping.

We also transport people and equipment into the back country of some waterways, and you can canoe back.

Just want to go for a boat ride around a lake and see what the cottages and shoreline are like, give us a call.

A deposit (possibly fully refundable, depending on circumstances) for booking is required and all fees must be paid at least 72 hours in advance of booked date.